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Lowel delivers Blender XL LED light

Sep 1, 2021

Mixable colour balance at your fingertips

Tiffen announces that new Blender XL LED lights are now shipping. The bi-colour Blender XL puts out a tunable narrow flood beam—up to four times brightness of a traditional 1×1 panel light—yet its durable metal housing is compact enough to hold in one hand. It’s a soft light with punch, ready to be dialed to an infinite choice of colour temperatures for diverse location uses.

Blender XL’s design offers advanced engineering features (usually reserved for more expensive fixtures) to enable professional specifications, versatility, enhanced control and affordability. An array of surface-mount LEDs: 12 cool white/daylight and 12 warm white/tungsten, produce—98 CRI/99 TLCI output. Each LED has its own 45-degree angle optical lens for pleasing light direction.

On the back, dual rotary knobs let users intuitively control the cool white (6000°K) and warm white (3000°K) channels to independently “blend” desired colour temperature and full range dimming. Measured three-feet away at full strength, the Blender XL can output 3796 Lux/656 FC.

For softer lighting with more spread, the versatile Blender XL comes with a professional drop-in Diffuser. The resulting shadow-free illumination helps light sources and colours blend seamlessly. In addition, a removable Clear LED Guard slides in front of the honeycomb of LEDs to add extra protection through years of rugged production.

Flexible power choices make this light at home in any location. Included is a switching power supply with U.S. and EU cables plus a D-Tap power cable to operate anywhere using standard, high-capacity batteries for long run times.

Diverse mounting options make Blender XL readily adaptable to multiple uses. Its industry-standard 5/8” receiver fits stands, arms and other set hardware. The included tilting stand mount offers an ergonomic locking knob for safe connection, while a locking accessory slot readily accepts accessories like Lowel Silver Umbrellas. What’s more, it shines as an adjustable on-camera light when seated in the included cold shoe adapter.

Blender XL weighs 2-lbs/9kg and measures 5.375H x 4.25W x 3.125D in. (13.65H x 10.8W x 7.9D cm). It ships complete with: XL Fixture, 5/8” Stand Mount with Tilt Pivot, Drop-in Diffuser, Clear LED guard, Switching Power Supply, US and EU Power cords, and D-tap cable for $379 MSRP.

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