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Long-awaited Irix Cine 65mm T1.5 lens is finally here

Apr 9, 2024

Irix Cine 65mm T1.5 lens is dedicated to filmmakers seeking unparalleled precision and versatility in their visual storytelling. Designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding users, this short telephoto cine lens is set to elevate the filmmaking experience to new heights. It is indispensable for filmmakers across various genres, including cinematic portraits, narrative filmmaking, documentary work as well as commercial and music productions. The lens ensures exceptional performance even in the most challenging lighting conditions, empowering any filmmaker to capture breathtaking cinematic looks with ease.

In the coming days, all participants of the in the USA will have the exciting opportunity to see and test this new Irix Cine lens at the brand’s stand: C5444.

Engineered with a blend of traditional lens solutions and cutting-edge innovation, the Irix Cine 65mm T1.5 lens boasts a host of features tailored to meet the standards of the film industry.

Whether you prefer a fully professional setup or shooting with just the lens on a stabiliser, the Irix Cine 65mm T1.5 lens delivers unmatched performance. Constructed from durable aluminium and magnesium alloy, weighing only around 1kg, this lens strikes the perfect balance between robustness and portability. The uniform weight across the Irix Cine lens lineup facilitates seamless swapping on gimbals, while the focus gears ensure compatibility with wireless follow focus systems.

That’s not all – the Irix Cine 65mm T1.5 lens goes above and beyond with its thoughtful design features. Equipped with an external diameter of 95mm for barndoors and accessories, a front Magnetic Mount System (MMS) for rapid filter and accessory changes, and an 86mm filter thread, this lens offers unparalleled versatility for creative exploration.

The Irix Cine 65mm T1.5 lens doesn’t compromise on performance. With Ultra HD 8K resolution readiness and full-frame sensor coverage, along with its compact, weather-sealed construction, this lens is ready to tackle any cinematic challenge thrown its way.

Irix 65mm T1.5 cine lens is made for:
✔ Cinematic Portraits: Short telephoto cine lenses excel at shallow depth of field for cinematic portraits, maintaining sharp focus on subjects for intimate character studies.
✔ Narrative Filmmaking: Ideal for conveying emotion, intimacy, or tension between characters in medium shots and close-ups, drawing viewers’ attention to focal points.
✔ Documentary Filmmaking: Valuable for maintaining intimacy in capturing subjects from a moderate distance, suitable for interviews, observational shots, and capturing details without intrusion.
✔ Cinematic Compression: Creatively intensifies scene depth and dynamics by slightly compressing perspective, enhancing visual storytelling.
✔ Low-Light Situations: Wide apertures in short telephoto cine lenses enable cinematic looks even in challenging lighting conditions.
✔ Commercial and Music Video Production: Enhances storytelling and aesthetics in production by capturing stylized shots with cinematic quality.

Availability and price: The lens comes in Canon EF, Canon RF, Fuji X, L-mount, MFT, Nikon Z, PL-mount and Sony E mounts. The lens is available for pre-order now via the official Irix online store here and through selected dealers – see Irix’s dealers list here. We will share more information about shipping dates soon. The Irix 65mm T1.5 Cine lens is available at a recommended retail price between €1,195.00 and €1,295.00 including VAT.

For more information about the Irix 65mm T1.5 Cine lens click here.

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