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Litepanels launches new Gemini 1×1 Hard RGBWW LED panel

Apr 23, 2021

New addition to the Gemini range delivers hard or soft light with outstanding bright output 

Litepanels, a global provider of professional broadcast and cinematic lighting solutions and a Vitec Group brand, has announced the launch of the latest addition to its Gemini RGBWW LED panel range. Litepanels’ Gemini 1×1 Hard RGBWW LED Panel delivers an incredibly bright output of over 3000 lux @10ft/3m to produce the brightest and most accurate 1×1 panel ever.

Panalux, the leading supplier of lighting rental equipment for film, television, and media production, are first to take delivery of the new Gemini 1×1 Hard panels.

“We’re delighted to have secured the first ten Gemini 1×1 Hard fixtures to add to our rental fleet.” Said Dave Amphlett, technical director, Panalux.

Like all LED panels in the Gemini range, Gemini 1×1 Hard produces highly accurate full spectrum white light as well as full RGB output and a range of creative cinematic effects. Its remarkably compact and lightweight form weighs just 13.2 lbs (6kg), including yoke and power supply, and has a maximum draw of just 200W yet Gemini 1×1 Hard produces an impressive output 20% brighter than a 200W HMI.

“The exceptional output of the Gemini 1×1 Hard is possible because of our advanced lensing technology,” said Michael Herbert, product manager, Litepanels. “We tightly lens individual red, green, blue, tungsten and daylight LEDs to ensure that every bit of light emitted from each LED is captured and delivered forward. This individual separation of LEDs also lets heat dissipate easily and allows more power to run through them for greater output.” He added, “No other RGBWW panel available produces as much light from such little power.”

The power of Gemini Hard, expands the creative potential of a 1×1 panel. With more power to command and control, users can choose a wider range of diffusion and creative light shaping tools, not possible with less powerful fixtures. Combined with full RGB control of over 16 million colours, 300 gels and 11 customizable special effects, the powerful Gemini 1×1 Hard is Litepanels’ most versatile LED panel ever.

“We already have over 500 Gemini 2×1 Soft panels and accessories and since we added them to the rate card at the beginning of 2019, we’ve seen rental demand grow. Gaffers and DOPs working on everything from commercials and drama to major features appreciate the benefits of high-quality white output, light weight, and its integrated power supply, and those are the features that make Gemini stand out from other similar products,” he added. 

“The Gemini 1×1 Hard is a versatile addition to the Gemini range, providing a smaller form factor delivering punch and high output with the ability to easily soften the light with a range of diffusers.  The option to run the fixture at full power from a battery adds more flexibility making it quick to set up and suitable for a wide variety of applications.”   

Gemini 1×1 Hard is ready to start working right out of the box, with no assembly required. Ultra Light and Domed Diffusers are supplied as standard with the fixture.  In addition to its onboard controls, Gemini Hard offers a broad range of control options, including DMX, RDM, wireless DMX, and Bluetooth for easy integration into any existing lighting setup.  Just like other Gemini fixtures, Gemini Hard delivers consistently accurate, flicker-free performance at any frame rate, shutter angle, or intensity with ultra-smooth dimming from 100 percent to .1 percent.

Gemini 1×1 Hard is available to buy now priced from $2,250 at Litepanels authorised retailers.  

More information about Gemini 1×1 Hard can be found at×1-hard

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