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LiteGear enhances the ambiance at Messhall Kitchen

Nov 24, 2023

The local Los Feliz watering hole and favourite industry hangout gets a dual-purpose upgrade using cinema quality, colour-rich, flicker-free lighting.

Project Origin

Messhall Kitchen, over the years has become a hub for creative professional actors, writers, and directors. Recently Messhall Kitchen has offered its establishment to film makers and encouraged them to take advantage of the unique location for their productions. When renowned cinematographer Charles Papert posted on social media about a flicker issue plaguing Messhall Kitchen’s bar lighting setup, Paul Royalty, LiteGear Sr. VP of Sales, offered to help find a solution

A Visit to Messhall Kitchen

When Paul scouted Messhall Kitchen to assess the location, he quickly discovered that the lighting setup was outdated, and relied on older magnetic power supplies without dimming capabilities. Moreover, the original LED tape was dim, non-colour changing and with the magnetic ballasts exhibited an annoying flicker issue on camera.

A glimpse of the Messhall Kitchen bar before the new installation

An Illuminating Collaboration

Anthony Ko, the owner of Messhall Kitchen, joined Paul and Charles to discuss revamping the bar’s lighting. They collectively agreed the new lighting needed to be flicker-free, high colour quality, and provide studio-quality dimming.

Lighting and Dimming Solutions

To address the need for improved color quality, LiteRibbon Chroma RGB-Tungsten was the chosen lighting solution. LiteGear’s Chroma LiteRibbon offers color correct white light, flicker-free performance, and the ability to introduce colored accents.  These colored accents are ideal for creating themed or festive lighting for holidays like Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, and the 4th of July.

For dimming, the team opted for the LiteDimmer Studio 24×4, which could handle the quantity of LiteRibbon required for the job while allowing DMX control through a simple lighting console.  This solution allowed for seamless mixing of RGB with Tungsten, as well as presets for multiple white light or saturated colour looks.

Creative Illumination

The primary goal was to up-light the back bar elements and bottle shelves while creating a dramatic and eye-catching lighting effect. The discreetly positioned LiteRibbon under the glass shelves, consisted of two rows resulting in four individual groups, each with its own independent control.

Challenges and Considerations

The primary challenge of the job was working with the established infrastructure. While the team initially expected to use the existing wiring, they quickly realised the wiring was inaccessible due to it being tiled over. As a result, the installation timeline grew to discreetly run new wiring without causing any undo damage to the building.

Working in an active restaurant environment presented challenges similar to those on a film set. The team needed to coordinate with staff members to gain access to the shelves while operating within the hours of a restaurant that remained open. There was a tight window for installation, which started early in the morning and needed to be completed by noon so the busy staff could restock the bar and open for lunch service.

LiteRibbon Chroma RGB-Tungsten set at Red

Creating a Unique Atmosphere

The new lighting system offered unparalleled control, enabling Messhall Kitchen to adjust lighting levels throughout the day and create customized colors. What set this installation apart is how the simple design enhanced the restaurant’s ambiance year-round and provided cinema quality lighting for filming.

Feedback from the Restaurant

The management and clientele immediately noticed the improved quality of light, which enhanced the bar’s appeal and uniqueness. The positive response from everyone involved was so overwhelming that the desire to replace additional lighting setups throughout the restaurant is in the works.

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