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Lighting for virtual reality from dedolight

Dec 14, 2022

The magic Chroma Link app allows for the production in front of the large LED walls, to pick 8 different points or areas and synchronise 8 different multi-colour lights in intensity and colour instantaneously to what is shown on the LED screen.

This app cooperates with the Prolycht Orion 300 FS light, the Orion 675 FS light, as well as the Thunder panel light, and the new dedocolor focusing multi-colour LED light NEO Color.

Adding additional optics from dedolight to the Prolycht Orion lights, it is possible to intensify and concentrate the beam, to find the transition into the dedolight Lightstream system – the world of reflected light, where with one of these lights you can now address 4-5 reflectors simultaneously, which can then reflect onward and activate further reflectors for back light, talent light all kinds of accents.

Furthermore, if the intention is to bring nature scenes into the studio, traditional lighting tools may not suffice to create believable natural lighting situations. Here, the dedolight Lightstream lights and reflector systems create the illusion of natural light deriving from a far distance, because for some of the parallel beam dedolights the light does not originate from the light fixture, but from a virtual light source way behind, which enhances the illusion of infinity lighting, even in small studios.


View a movie at following link to view a demo of the Prolycht multicolour lights in combination with the dedolight Lightstream system, against a giant LED wall in a virtual studio setting: dedolight-lightstream/776713053/


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