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Apr 29, 2021

Light Illusion is the world’s leading provider of colour calibration and colour management solutions for the Film, Post-Production, Broadcast, Home Cinema, Commercial A/V, and Medical markets.


ColourSpace Development
Continuing development has added a range of new features and capabilities to ColourSpace, all greatly enhancing the accuracy of of any display calibration.

New features include enhanced Patch Scale and Resolution controls, offering Full, Legal, and Extended profiling, with selectable 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 bit depths, combined with a unique Limit Range option for native PQ based HDR profiling and calibration.

The most recent development to be released is Calibration Reports, enabling user designed PDF reports to be generated from within ColourSpace.

Patch Scale Resolution & Limit Range
Enabling patch values to be defined correctly between the minimum and maximum range of the display’s input signal prevents rounding issues, ensuring Full, Legal, and Extended signal ranges are correctly profiled. Being able to define patch bit depth further enhances calibration accuracy.

Limit Range uniquely enables PQ HDR displays to be profiled and calibrated while maintaining a fixed PQ EOTF, without the requirement to force the display to a pure power law gamma. This is especially important for some displays technologies, such as FALD.

Flanders Scientific are already using Limit Range with their XM series HDR displays, and were an important partner in the development of the Limit Range feature of ColourSpace.

Calibration Reports
The latest release of ColourSpace includes a new Calibration Reporting option, with full user definable layout templates.

Using the Report’s Layout Editor, users can build their own layout templates from scratch, or use the provided examples as starting point for user modification.

Light Illusion is also providing user support for Template Layout design via the website’s User Forums.

Discount Pricing To End
The ColourSpace Beta Program will soon be coming to a close, and at that time the present new customer discounted pricing will cease to be available.

Further discounts are available to any customers who have previously purchased LightSpace, with free ColourSpace upgrades available to any users that purchased a LightSpace license after Jan 2019.

For information on upgrading see the Request Quote page of the website.


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