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Last Chance to Book – Art Department Essentials with Terry Ackland-Snow

Feb 1, 2022

The Creative Media Skills Institute will host Art Department Essentials with tutor Terry Ackland-Snow from 7th – 11th Feb 2022

Discover the different stages of the design and dressing process from the script to the screen, while learning about etiquette on set, set preparation and dissecting a script from a production design perspective.

Course Summary:

  • Structure of the art department
  • What the art department is responsible for
  • Interacting with other departments
  • Breaking scripts down
  • Understanding the implications of shooting schedule for art department
  • Understand how scale is used
  • Making Scaled drawings
  • Drawing set plans
  • Making white card models from drawings
  • Surveying locations
  • Communicating with construction, props, production/location
  • Technical recess, production meetings and on-set etiquette
  • Health and safety, contracts, CV and portfolio advice

The short courses are small groups that cater to both beginners and people that are skilled in this topic.

Date: 7th – 11th Feb                  Time: 9:30 – 16:30

Having worked for more than 50 years’ on over 80 feature film and television productions, Terry Ackland-Snow has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience all of which he applies to his Masterclasses. Starting as junior draughtsman, he worked his way from junior positions, up to art director, supervising art director and finally production designer before deciding to set up Film Design International to give something back to the industry he is passionate about. He has been in the Film and Television Industry for more than 40 years working with some of the best Art Department technicians in the world. His impressive resume includes highly popular and award winning films and TV Series such as: The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Superman II, Superman III, King David, Get Real, Batman, The Living Daylights and Aliens among others.

Terry Ackland-Snow

Some of his awards include:

  • An Honorary Doctor of Letters of the University of West London
  • On the panel of the British Film Designers Guild (BFDG) and previous Chairman
  • On the Board of Cine Guilds of Great Britain
  • A Member of the Broadcasting, Entertainment, Cinematographers and Theatre Union (BECTU)
  • A Member of the Art Director’s Guild USA

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