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Kino Flo releases True Match 5.0 firmware upgrade

Jun 4, 2021

Kino Flo Lighting Systems has released its new True Match 5.0 which comes with Remote Device Management (RDM), Crossfade and expanded 16-bit options. The new features make it easier for board operators to communicate with and control Kino Flo LED fixtures when operating them remotely with DMX. 

The RDM protocol installed on Kino Flo LEDs allows two-way communication between fixtures and a DMX lighting console or computer app. Fixture DMX personalities and other settings can be remotely configured and monitored; no manual selection is required. 

“RDM and expanded features in True Match 5.0 will greatly improve the way console operators translate their technical wizardry into the artistic vision of lighting directors, cinematographers and gaffers,” said Frieder Hochheim, president and founder of Kino Flo Lighting Systems. “The instant remote, two-way communication between the lighting board and a few, or a few hundred, lighting instruments saves time and money for production.” 

Fixture personalities have also been improved, with simplified profiles that allow a minimum number of channels, making it easier to program lighting set ups. A new Crossfade DMX feature, is just one example of the new profile changes. The user selects two different colour points, blending and crossfading the colors with smooth transitioning using only one dedicated channel. Crossfade DMX personalities can be programmed using Kelvin (2500K-9900K), RGB, Hue Angle/Saturation, and CIE xy. 

Earlier versions of the firmware (True Match 4.0) have multiple control modes in one personality and require setting Green/Magenta to zero before enabling the next input mode. 

“The original profiles are still available to users,” said Jim Bogdanowicz, Kino Flo chief software engineer. “But now they have the other option to use personalities with one dedicated function with fewer channels, and to operate only in that one chosen mode. If the board operator is in the RGB mode, for example, he can operate only in the RGB mode . . . and not have to ‘take down’ one function for another function to work.” 

Expanded 16-Bit Control 

Kino Flo also has expanded the 16-bit option used for dimming white light to include finer control of other channels—Kelvin, RGB and Hue Angle/Saturation. The latest True Match 16-bit option for these additional channels uses two DMX slots for 65536 values per parameter, which provides even finer control than the 8-bit personality (256 values per parameter). 

Kino Flo is an award-winning designer and manufacturer of soft lighting fixtures and accessories for motion picture and television production, broadcast and photo imaging. The recognized leader in the cool lighting revolution since 1987, Kino Flo technology sets the standard for lightweight, energy efficient white light luminaires on location and in the studio. 

Adding RDM capability to all our wireless and standard DMX LED products promises to pay dividends in time and cost savings for productions. Introducing RDM capability during the Covid 19 pandemic can greatly improve safety on production sets by allowing crew members to work at greater distances by controlling aspects of the lighting process remotely. 

These ongoing advances in new software and hardware highlight the company’s culture of relentless devotion to technical innovation and of service to our customers around the world. 


Controller display showing True Match 5.0 with RDM capability

True Match Firmware 5.0 is available for download at for the following products: 

  • FreeStyle LED Controller LED 151X & 152X
  • FreeStyle/4 LED Controller LED 140X
  • FreeStyle/2 LED Controller LED 120X
  • Select LED Controller LED 150X
  • Celeb LED 250, 450, 450Q, 850
  • Image LED L40, L80
  • Diva-Lite LED 20, 21, 30, 31, 41
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