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JVC unveils its first ever 40X Zoom PTZ camera series at NAB 2024

Apr 2, 2024

JVC Professional Video will debut its new KY-PZ540 Series PTZ Cameras with 40x zoom at NAB 2024 (Booth C4720). As the company’s first PTZ cameras to incorporate this focal depth, the KY-PZ540 and KY-PZ540N with integrated NDI HX3 capabilities are designed with JVC’s 4K imager. The cameras also feature JVC’s renowned Variable Scan Mapping technology, which dynamically scans the 4K sensor to produce a seamless and lossless image transition up to 40x in full-resolution HD. The cameras are ideal for large event spaces and instances when the need to zoom in from a distance is essential. 

“We asked our key customers what feature was most in demand and their request was for a PTZ camera capable of 40x zoom in 1080/60p mode at an affordable price point,” says Joe D’Amico, vice president of JVC Professional Video. “We already have an award-winning PTZ product—increasing the zoom magnification while keeping the unit affordable made it possible for us to accommodate the needs of a larger segment of customers.”  

With JVC KY-PZ510 technology at its core, the new KY-PZ540 PTZ cameras incorporate the brand’s award-winning features, such as AI-enabled advanced SMART auto-tracking operation and NDI supported IP-based remote operation capabilities. JVC recently expanded its auto-tracking to include five new advanced features: Standard, Area, Stage, Wide Area and Fine Adjustment modes. In addition, presets for exposure, colour and image were added as well. These upgrades provide additional benefits in frame composition, zones, and modes of operation. There is also a USB video device class (UVC) available for direct connection to Zoom, Google Meet and other online video conferencing programs. 

Market-leading features of the KY-PZ540N include integrated NDI HX3 for seamless hassle-free system integration and SRT featuring HEVC and H.264 dual encoding for efficient bandwidth utilisation. This ensures higher quality video at lower bitrates for remote production over the internet (REMI). The KY-PZ540N can also simultaneously output NDI, SRT and RTMPS for hybrid local/remote workflows to deliver the highest quality distribution to the world’s most popular CDNs. 

“JVC has been in existence for nearly a century and our professional video division has gained a very strong and loyal professional customer base—one that is also very ‘price versus performance’ conscious,” adds D’Amico. “Once our customers purchase a JVC product, they quickly realise and appreciate the quality of the innovative engineering integrated into each model, in addition to JVC’s reputation for excellent personal service and support.”  

The new KY-PZ540 PTZ Camera series has a starting retail price of $1,999 and will be on display, along with several other JVC solutions, at NAB 2024 (Booth C4720).   

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