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Director James Cameron endorses Marlow Film Studios studios

Apr 25, 2024

Director  James Cameron has written a letter of support for Marlow Film Studios studios, writing about his predictions that demand for British film will grow, and that he sees the Marlow Film Studios as the potential UK and European base and training centre for his company Lightstorm 3D.

This is a phenomenal vote of confidence from James in the future of the British film industry.  Buckinghamshire is currently flying the flag for the film sector – but it risks losing out on this generational opportunity if it can’t deliver the tailored, high tech studio space the industry so clearly needs and wants, as James says.

James Cameron, founder, chairman and CEO of Lightstorm Entertainment, said:

“I predict UK filmmaking capacity will be in ever-greater demand as the 2D-to-3D revolution unfolds in response to new display devices and increasing consumer interest. The 22.5% of total global box office the UK delivered in 2023 will grow, as a result. But embracing that opportunity necessitates support and boldness in thinking.

“The next iteration of screen storytelling requires a purpose-built working space of exceptional quality, and trained professionals needed to grow the 3D market. I’m impressed by the Marlow Film Studios masterplan. Situated at the heart of Europe’s most important screen economic zone, Marlow is tailored to the needs of filmed media in the 21st century and beyond. I see Marlow as a potential UK and European base and training centre for Lightstorm 3D. I look forward to Marlow Film Studios opening its doors in support of the next evolution of 3D storytelling.”

Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer said:

“It’s brilliant to see James Cameron – as well as many other leading Hollywood directors – recognise the UK’s technical expertise in film and TV production, which brings in billions for our economy and creates thousands of skilled, well-paid jobs.

“We want to continue supporting the sector and growing our economy, which is why this government has already introduced generous tax reliefs and other incentives to ensure that the film industry has a bright future in the UK. This includes our £75 million investment last year in a network of research labs across the country to put us at the forefront of advancements in screen visual effects technology.”

Robert Laycock CEO of MFS said

“We are thrilled to have James Cameron’s endorsement.”

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