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ron prince

In the few short months since starting Cinematography World, we have been busy building a title that can be truly said to be global – in its outlook and its coverage.

Every day we reach out to reinforce our already strong and wonderful bonds with the industry, and it is heartening to know, from the many emails and messages we receive, together with our increasing advertising support, that Cinematography World is welcomed and valued.

With production going through the roof in many parts, red-carpet events in Cannes, plus CineGear Expo and Camerimage getting set-to-go, things have the appearance of approaching normality across the film and TV production industry. Long may this continue.

Ron Prince
Editor-in-Chief, Cinematography World

Issue #004 cover feature

F9: The Fast Saga

fast and furious 9 feature in cinematogtraphy world magazine

Stephen F Windon ACS ASC • F9: The Fast Saga

Movie franchises have helped to boost box office receipts for decades. In 2021 they might just prove the rejuvenating shot-in-the arm the industry needs. Never is this more true than Universal Pictures’ F9: The Fast Saga, which yet again delivers breath-taking, high-octane adventure, brought to the big screen by director Justin Lin and his go-to cinematographer Stephen F. Windon ACS ASC.

In This Issue:

exposure control

Ed Lachman ASC
EL Zone Exposure Control

Cinematographer Ed Lachman ASC explains his EL Zone System, already incorporated into Panasonic’s VariCams, which has the potential to become a universal standard.

the father

Ben Smithard BSC
The Father

Director Kelly Reichardt travels back in time with her go-to DP Chris Blauvelt to evoke a hardscrabble 19th century way of life and a curious tale about baking.


Ari Wegner ACS

Shooting on Kodak 16mm film, Australian cinematographer Ari Wegner ACS conjured-up a hellishly colourful confection for director Janicza Bravo’s salacious dark-comedy Zola.


Autumn Durald

DP and California-native Autumn Durald has come a long way since she graduated from AFI just over a decade ago, including Marvel Studios’ highly-anticipated live-action time-travelling TV series Loki.

The Reason I Jump

Ruben Woodin Dechamps
The Reason I Jump

Described as “ravishing to behold”, Ruben Woodin Dechamps’ cinematography on The Reason I Jump evokes the sensory distortion, intense focus and literally different way of seeing for people on the autistic spectrum.


Linda Wassberg DFF

Danish DP Linda Wassberg DFF harnessed Kodak 16mm to depict a passionate portrait of Finnish artist/illustrator Tove Jansson, legendary creator of the Moomins, for director Zaida Bergroth’s acclaimed biopic Tove.

Even more DP features:

Caroline Champetier AFC • Annette
Kasper Tuxen DFF • Riders Of Justice
Jeanne Lapoirie AFC • Benedetta
Crystel Fournier AFC & director Cathy Brady • Wildfire
Bobby Bukowski & director/star Robin Wright • Land

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