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ron prince
I hope you are keeping well, and that you will enjoy CW002, our March edition.

Whilst we have been beavering away on the magazine, we are delighted to announce that Alan Lowne has joined our cohort as a special consultant. Having previously worked with Alan for the best part of 20 years, being reunited with him is a great boost as we extend our mission to further embrace the cinematographic community worldwide.

Please make sure to also check out the additional articles and news items on our blossoming website, which we hope you will find great reading companions. Take care, stay safe, and we’ll see you again soon!

Ron Prince
Editor, Cinematography World

Issue #002 cover feature



Andrew Dunn BSC

The resonance of the past can be a very powerful thing. It certainly proved a major lure to British cinematographer Andrew Dunn BSC when it came to shooting The United States vs. Billie Holiday, and finding himself very much in tune with its director Lee Daniels and titular star Andra Day. For connective emotional and period effect, the cinematographer captured the story on celluloid film using vintage Anamorphic lenses.

In This Issue:


Quirk, strangeness and charm

The quirky nine-episode Disney+ show, WandaVision, shot by Jess Hall BSC ASC, has thrown some new and unexpected curveballs into the bloodstream of Marvel’s wider, cross property launch of the next phase of its film and TV empire.


Time Gentlemen Please

Intoxicated and intoxicating are two adjectives that can be used interchangeably to describe the cause and effect of Sturla
Brandth Grøvlen DFF’s stylish handheld camerawork and cinematographic efforts on Another Round (Druk).


Double Cross

“I believe this is an incredibly important film for everyone to see,” says cinematographer Sean Bobbitt BSC, regarding director Shaka King’s acclaimed feature Judas And The Black Messiah.


All At Sea

Mexican-born Paula Huidobro AMC may work in a world where a woman DP is still considered a rara avis, but she’s never let that slow her down. She talks to us about CODA.


Faith Stealer

DP Ben Fordesman talks about shooting St Maud, the debut feature from director Rose Glass, the film is a spooky and disturbing experience.


Pearls Before Swine

Frederico Cesca ASK has shot Dead Pigs, director Cathy Yan’s critically- acclaimed debut feature, a satirical tale of greed and desperation

Regular Features

Bringing You the World of Cinematography

View From The Top

Producer Iain Smith OBE says ‘An industrial strategy that encompasses both the commercial and the creative is what we need’

Student Union

A look around the AFI Conservatory

Diversity & Inclusion

Joel Honeywell on The Hue-List

The Light Stuff

A profile of gaffer Rafael Sanchez and his dazzling career

Smooth Operator

Christopher TJ McGuire ACO SOC

Ones To Watch

Sylvaine Dufaux and Kia Fern Little


Neil Fanthom on Blackwing7 lenses


And much, much more.