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ISCO4all: new lens set wins “Gear of the Year Award 2022”

Sep 30, 2022

Schneider-Kreuznach’s next reason to celebrate: Its newcomer ISCO4all has just been honoured with the popular “Gear of the Year Award 2022” by the international magazine Pro Moviemaker.

The first full frame lens set for both anamorphic and spherical footage has succeeded in the category “Innovation of the Year”. It is already the second award for the newcomer that has just been launched four months ago.

“What a fit. That ISCO4all has been chosen as ‘Innovation of the Year’ is a particularly great honour and joy for us.”, marks Claudia Baier, product manager cine at Schneider- Kreuznach, and adds: “This overwhelming success encourages us to keep working on practicable solutions for our lens set to make it even more attractive to film makers and enthusiasts. We want them to enjoy working with ISCO in their creative process.”

One example for this continuous improvement is the construction of the ISCOspherical Focus Lock, which enables users to fix the focus distance of the lenses while using them with the ISCORAMA 54 CU-1.5x adapter. Furthermore, the PL-Mount Kits add more variety to the suitable camera types and the multiple ISCORAMA 54 adapter rings are available as a full set or single products.

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