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Irix unveils limited edition White Cine Lenses

Feb 20, 2024

Irix Lens premiers a limited edition of its Cine Lenses dedicated to those filmmakers, who appreciate maximum functionality and a unique design and who want to express their personality through their gear. The limited edition comes with an extended warranty period, the owners will be able to register their gear via Irix website to secure limited edition certificate and will also receive access to an exclusive communication channel with the brand. 

The special edition of Irix Cine lenses has been created with those filmmakers in mind, who appreciate a unique character and aesthetics as well as the functionality of the product. This limited line of Irix Cine lenses is dedicated to those who love to stand out and express their individualistic character through not only their work but also the equipment they use.

Just like other Irix Cine lenses the limited edition guarantees technical excellence. The series enchants with its limited colour and aims to inspire a creative vision with its distinctive character and unique aesthetic. 

By choosing the special edition the owner gains an extended warranty package, giving them a peace of mind and confidence during even the most challenging projects. After receiving the White Cine Lenses the owner will have an opportunity to register their new gear via the brand’s website and claim a dedicated limited edition certificate confirming the authenticity and uniqueness of the equipment. 

Owners of the limited edition will also receive access to a dedicated communication channel, via which they will be able to access exclusive Irix materials providing an abundance of information and inspiration to help them further expand their skills and knowledge.

The special edition package includes: 

  • Irix Cine lenses in a limited white colour 
  • Extended warranty package 
  • Authenticity & uniqueness certificate  
  • Access to a dedicated communication channel 

Availability and price: Irix White Cine Lens are available via the official Irix online store here and through selected dealers – please see for Irix’s dealers list here. The limited edition  lenses are available at a recommended retail price between €1,435.00 and €1,575.00 including VAT. 

For more information about White Cine Lenses Edition click here.


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