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Irix releases new Irix Edge Filter Adapter for 21mm lens with cap

Dec 6, 2023

Irix launches new Irix Edge Adapter for 21mm Lens with Cap, that will allow such lens owners to use 105mm screw-in filters to level up their photography game without any hassle. Introduction of the new twist-on adapter for 21mm lens has been influenced by feedback Irix has received from its community and as a way of saying Thank you!, the new accessory will be offered for free to all Irix 21mm lens owners and will come as part of a set with Irix 21mm lens from December 6th.

Irix Edge Filter Adapter for 21mm Lens with Cap 

  • Allows the use of 105mm screw-in filters
  • Bayonet mounted in place of the lens hood
  • Lens cap included
  • No vignetting effect
The new adapter has been designed specifically to work with Irix 21mm f/1.4 lenses. It allows the use of standard 105mm screw-in filters and due to its dedicated design it does not cause vignetting, keeping the images crisp and vibrant throughout. 

The Irix Edge Adapter for 21mm Lens is mounted bayonet-style in place of the lens hood, allowing for quick, convenient, and stable attachment. The adapter comes with a dedicated cap, to keep the surface of the filters and of the lens protected against any potential damage during movement. Moreover, the cap has been marked to allow the lens to be placed upside down on the lens cap. 

The latest addition in Irix’s catalogue will offer a whole new dimension to landscape photography for 21mm lens users allowing them to achieve amazing effects and spark new creative ideas while being practical and easy to use.

Irix offers four types of compatible filters in 105mm size:

  • Irix Edge UV & Protector – eliminates the effects of ultraviolet light that have negative impact on the colour in photographs and protects the front element of the lens 
  • Irix Edge Circular Polariser – passes light rays to the sensor in the camera only at a specific angle, compensating for unwanted light reflections and increasing colour saturation of photographed objects
  • Irix Edge Light Pollution – designed for such conditions to eliminate the yellowish colours that often dominate pictures, achieving significant improvement in colour, contrast and sharpness 
  • Irix Edge Full-ND with different densities– its surface is responsible for reduction of the light, allowing for extended exposure time without changing other parameters of the camera

The Irix Edge Filter Adapter for 21mm Lens with Cap will be available to order from Wednesday, December 6th from the official Irix store and via selected dealers. More details are available here.

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