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Introducing Snapbridge glide kit – a new method of painting with controlled light

Nov 28, 2023

Lightbridge, maker of the Cine Reflect Lighting System (CRLS®) combines forces with DoPchoice, to push the envelope of reflective lighting, by creating a soft, beautiful light source that offers full creative control and the ability to add a soft but punchy addition to lighting, without bulky gear. Lightbridge calls this new approach “layered lighting”.

The versatile Snapbridge Glide Kit offers a uniquely creative and efficient way to paint with light and shadow that produces optimised skin tones. Equally useful for cine, video and still photography – Snapbridge works with any light source the user prefers.

Lightbridge Precision Reflectors have become a staple on motion picture and broadcast sets worldwide for their natural and intuitive style of illumination. Similarly, DoPchoice instant-up Snapbags and Snapgrids are go-to essentials for softening and directing most types of LED lights on stage or location. Both brands have come together to create an entirely new approach to lighting that can be used with an artificial lamp or natural source.

In a world where bounce cards, soft boxes, and mirrored reflector boards are commonplace, Snapbridge Glide offers an entirely unique way to light that helps artists bring a new luminance to complexions and subline control to portrait lighting. This is achieved by adding a soft DoPchoice bounce around the Lightbridge Precision Reflector. This brilliantly, simple lightweight instrument snaps out of a compact pouch and instantly finds its nearly flat 5′ octagonal shape. With a shallow build and light weight, it is built to go and to fit anywhere—even in tight spaces.

Versatile by nature, the Shallow offers a dark and a white side for two completely different modes. The white side, or Soft Mode, helps create gentle and beautiful bounced fill light around the precision reflector. On the reverse, the Dark Mode provides negative fill with a glow of light while reducing spill around the Precision Reflector. Both sides quickly accept Lightbridge Precision Reflectors at their center, thanks to the rail on the back of each Precision Reflector and the smart C-Wheel mount that fits standard 16mm Baby pin mounts. To help make mounting easy and safe, included is an anti-rotation Lightbridge Extender.

Set up and break down is quick and easy thanks to proprietary engineering, and each item fits into its own bag for clear and clean organisation. The small footprint on and off set makes transport and set-up easy and gives small teams the option to create high quality lighting in little time.

The Snapbridge Glide ready-to-go kit features: a Snapbridge 5-foot Shallow, one each 50×50 Lightbridge DIFF2 and DIFF3 Precision Reflector, one Speedbag 50, one C-Wheel Receiver, one Grip Bag, one Lightbridge 16mm Extension, and Cleaning Cloth. The Snapbridge 5-foot Shallow and DIFF Precision Reflectors can also be purchased as single items.

For more information about Snapbridge, visit or for the Lightbridge CRLS system go to

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