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Introducing Rabbit-Rounder Universal for Nanlux, Feliix, Aputure & more with Bowens mount systems

Apr 6, 2022

Snapbags setup is click, snap, & go

DoPchoice and TRP Worldwide premiere a new mounting solution for Snapbag softboxes: the Rabbit-Rounder Universal. It’s the versatile answer to mounting a variety of DoPchoice Snapbags, Octas, and Lanterns to the growing range of fixtures with Aputure, Fiilex, Nanlux, and others with industry standard Bowens mounts. With the patent-pending Rabbit-Rounder Universal, one system fits a range of lights and softboxes. 

This new solution makes it quick, easy and intuitive to set up a Snapbag. The user clicks out the arms and sets it on the fixture. Lantern mounting takes a simple push open and a pinch to lock. Releasing takes a push of a button and an easy pull off. 

Graham Sheldon sets up Snapbag with Rabbit-Rounder

After trying it out in Southern California, busy Local 600 DoP Graham Ehlers Sheldon says, “The ability to adapt the Octa 5 to the Nanlux NL or Bowens mount is incredibly useful and guarantees that the Octa 5 is never being left on the truck. I also enjoy the locking mechanism for the Octa 5 itself — which makes for easy building and breaking down and the build quality gives me confidence that it won’t fall apart at the worst moment. All in all this is a great solution for generating a soft and flattering lighting and I’m loving the Universal mounting platform.” 

The Rabbit-Rounder Universal System is crafted of rugged materials for long life. Its future-proof design is ready to accept new lights with the simple addition of an easy-to-mount adapter. 

The Rabbit-Rounder Universal is manufactured by DoPchoice and TRP Worldwide and is available through authorised dealers.

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