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Introducing Masters Of Photography, unique online masterclasses taught by the world’s greatest photographers

May 6, 2021

Masters Of Photography brings together some of the greatest photographers in the world on one unique online learning platform to share inspirational insights into how they created their iconic imagery and offer photography enthusiasts invaluable tips on how to take better photographs.

With the aim to inform and inspire any level of photographer, Masters Of Photography comprises a range of in-depth classes taught in the form of personal one-to-one online video lessons that are easy to follow and which capture the knowledge, ethos and philosophy of some of the most prolific photographers; Joel Meyerowitz, Steve McCurry, Albert Watson and David Yarrow.

The concept of each class allows students to virtually walk side by side with the master photographers; listening, watching and being inspired by how they create incredible imagery. The masterclasses are not technical lessons on how to use a camera, instead they teach students how to use their eyes and minds to frame and create their own interpretation of the world. Each online masterclass is broken down into around 30-40 easy-to-follow lessons, allowing students to learn at their own pace as they embark on a personal journey with the greatest masters of photography.

Launched in 2018 by professional photographer and filmmaker Chris Ryan, Masters Of Photography was built after an unsuccessful search for a site where he could learn from the photography greats that had inspired him throughout his career. Chris noticed there were plenty of technical camera courses on offer but none provided an unprecedented insight and a unique introspection into the minds of some of the world’s most acclaimed photographers. Masters Of Photography helps students discover their photographic identity and covers a range of subjects  from the art of environmental portraiture to storytelling through photography and how to follow your curiosity.

Chris Ryan, founder of Masters Of Photography says:

‘’I wanted to make these masterclasses hugely engaging by using high production value and take these masters to locations that both excited us all and enabled them to demonstrate exactly how they create their images. After all, photography is a global language. It’s the way any human being on this planet can communicate an event… an idea…a story …a feeling. … to any other human, regardless of borders, language, age or belief. Everything can be photographed by us to communicate our own message and our opinion. We need to discover what it is we want to say in our photography and Masters of Photography helps to achieve that.’’

Masters Of Photography masterclasses start from £130 and can be purchased via the website

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