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Nov 4, 2022

In January 2019, TRIBE7 formed with one simple goal: to reimagine early 20th-century motion picture tools and techniques by applying the very latest technology and production processes.

In April 2019, TRIBE7 launched its first product, BLACKWING7 prime lenses. TRIBE7 continues to innovate with a new addition to the BLACKWING7 family – SLATE.

The SLATE concept is an industry first: a uniquely re-useable digitally reconfigurable clapperboard, programmed with your smartphone. SLATE honours the traditional process of “slating a take” with sticks that clap and a board to write on, but enhances ease of use, flexibility and ergonomics through the introduction of e-paper display technology as an alternative to the board.

SLATE is now available via pre-order only, through the website linked below. Delivery will begin at the end of 2022.




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