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High-end TV programmes for crew and talent

Apr 29, 2021

The High-end TV Skills Fund supports a range of programmes and resources addressing areas of skills shortages in the UK high-end TV industry.

You can download a full PDF booklet of current schemes by clicking here and our Producer’s handbook, full of information useful for producers, here.

Skills training and support are delivered by ScreenSkills and third parties, providing training and investment needed to progress the careers of crew and talent already working in the sector. The fund is investing in skills that have been identified as a priority by the high-end TV industry through our research and by senior employers on the High-end TV Skills Council. Click the button below to see a directory of training programmes and courses that are currently running.

Please note that some of our training is currently being delivered differently or has been paused due to Covid-19. Find out more here or contact the high-end TV team.

Ongoing ScreenSkills schemes for High-end TV crew and talent:

Leadership and management training
Free management training for heads of departments and other staff in management positions on Skills Fund-contributing productions. For more information contact Jacqui Taunton Fenton.

Make a Move
Schemes being supported by the ScreenSkills High-end TV Skills Fund 2020/2021:

Production grades:

  • Production secretary and coordinator training: a five-day online course to support production assistants, production secretaries, assistant production office coordinators, factual production managers and production managers to step up in HETV.
  • Step up to line producing programme: training for production managers ready to step up to line producers. Topics covered include setting up a production, recruiting effectively, scheduling, budgeting working internationally and dealing with co-productions.
  • Introduction to location management: webinars and bootcamps to introduce people to working in the locations department. Those completing the bootcamps will have the opportunity to apply for paid placements on HETV productions in 2021.

Craft and tech:

  • How to be a business – toolkit for freelancers: a course to help freelancers manage their careers effectively and find a healthy work-life balance.
  • 1st AD masterclasses: masterclasses across the UK for runners, 3rd ADs and 2nd ADs who would like to become 1st ADs. Topics covered include breaking down a script, producing a filming schedule and managing professional relationships in production.

Post and VFX:

  • Effective client relationship and negation skills for post and VFX: an online session followed by a mentoring session for professionals working post and VFX. The course offers key ideas, tips and resources to help participants develop effective client relationships and help them handle challenging situations and negotiations.
  • Return to work for post and VFX: programme for individuals who have previously worked in VFX and post, who are returning to work following a career break.
  • ACES training: training course for experienced cinematographers, directors of photography, post-production professionals and supervisors. This course offers an understanding of how ACES is used in the various stages of the production process.
  • Unreal training: a course for professionals in VFX who wish to upskill in a new real time technology being adopted within the industry – the Unreal Engine .


  • Producer mentoring programme: alumni of the Co-Producer Programme will be given the opportunity to be mentored by an established high-end TV producer over a 12 month period.
  • Co-producer placement programme: programme which enables production companies to support new producers stepping up as co-producers on a high-end TV production.


  • Post-production roadshow: outreach careers events in the North and the South West with a focus on promoting careers and pathways into working in post and edit.
  • Accounts industry transfer progamme: a programme to introduce accountants and people working in finance outside the screen industries to job opportunities in television.


  • Scotland: we are partnering with BECTU Scotland to deliver bespoke training and step up opportunities to compliment wider skills support.
  • Northern Ireland: we are partnering with Northern Ireland Screen to deliver bespoke training and step up opportunities to compliment wider skills support.
  • Wales: we are partnering with Sgil Cymru to deliver complimentary local bespoke training and step up opportunities to compliment wider skills support.


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