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Godox unveils new broadcast lighting solutions

Jul 2, 2024

Godox, a manufacturer of photography and videography lighting equipment, has announced the launch of its latest lighting solutions tailored for the broadcast industry. The new lineup includes the F7-120D/Bi, P120D/Bi, and P200Bi lights, designed to enhance both indoor studio settings and outdoor shooting environments.

This series is Godox’s innovative response to the essential needs and new challenges of the broadcast industry. Its innovations are rooted in a focus on the industry demands and pain points, providing broadcasters with versatile lighting solutions that offer more performance and flexibility.

Versatile Panel Lights

The panel lights of new series are adaptable for various settings. The P200Bi panel light is designed for studio shooting, supporting daisy-chained power for ease of use. The P120D/Bi panel light not only supports daisy-chained power but also includes a V-mount battery option, making it also ideal for mobile outdoor shoots. They are equipped with DMX control, allowing precise and synchronized lighting adjustments crucial for professional studio environments. Specifically, the P200Bi is a soft panel light, while the P120D/Bi offers detachable diffusers to adjust light softness according to user preferences.

Focused Spotlight Solutions

The F7-120D/Bi Fresnel light is designed for precise indoor subject illumination. Same as the panels, it supports multiple wireless control methods and daisy-chain power configurations. This light includes a Fresnel lens accessory, allowing users to modify the beam angle from 15° to 60° for various spotlight effects, and the matching barn doors can be used for further precise light control.

Superior Performance and High CRI & TLCI

Achieving powerful brightness and accurate colour reproduction is essential for broadcasting. This Broadcast Lighting Series deliver full power output of 120W/200W, providing bright, steady light without flicker. They also boast high colour rendering indexes, with CRI values reaching 96+ and TLCI values of 97/98+, ensuring exceptional colour accuracy for broadcast applications.

Non-Reflective Accessories

To better ensures the lighting environment remains controlled and professional, the new series features non-reflective barn door accessories, minimising unwanted light interference when multiple fixtures are used. Detailed specifications and further information are available on the Godox official website.

For more information, visit the official introduction of P120D/Bi, P200Bi and F7-120D/Bi.

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