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Godox showcases latest lighting solutions at Cine Gear LA 2024

Jun 11, 2024

Godox participated in the Cine Gear LA Expo, held at Warner Bros. Studios in Los Angeles. This annual event, the largest film equipment exhibition in the United States, draws industry professionals and brands from around the world for several days of networking, learning, and showcasing the latest in film technology.

At booth S5005, Godox presented its latest innovations from their KNOWLED cinematic series, including the Beamlight MAX90 reflector, the RGBWW flexible LED mats F-series, and the high-power RGBWW COB light MG1200R. The BeamLight Max90 is the newest reflector designed for Godox’s high-power LED light MG2400Bi, achieves an incredibly narrow beam angle of just 5°. This enables it to deliver powerful parallel beams with slow decay and remarkable efficiency, making it perfect for replicating natural sunlight over long distances. Notably, it’s so huge that you can see it even when you’re far away from the booth.

The MG1200R is the colour version of the previous high power dual colour temperature lamp MG1200Bi. Its dual-colour temperature function adds green-magenta adjustment compared with MG1200Bi, which increases the operator’s creative space.

A key attraction at the Godox booth was the live lighting demonstrations by renowned DP and director Travis Wears and Jameson Brooks. Travis Wears shared practical lighting techniques from his extensive work in the industry, explaining how to achieve different effects for various shooting scenarios. His insights into the creative process and technical execution provided valuable knowledge for both seasoned professionals and aspiring filmmakers.

Jameson Brooks showcased several commercials he filmed using Godox products, demonstrating their practical application on set. He discussed how Godox’s innovative lighting solutions have enhanced his creative projects, providing examples and live simulations of lighting setups. These demonstrations attracted a large audience and sparked engaging discussions on the latest trends in film lighting.

(Travis presentation)

(Jameson presentation)

In addition to the educational demonstrations, Godox engaged visitors with live raffle activities, giving attendees the chance to win exclusive products. This interactive element added excitement and drew even more visitors to their booth, creating a dynamic and engaging atmosphere.

 For more information about Godox and their range of products, visit the official website or follow on social media.

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