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Gemini 2×1 and 1×1 Soft LED panels set the mood for the Star Wars-Inspired fan film

Sep 22, 2021

By day, Gary Scullion is an accomplished film editor with a string of high-profile projects to his name, including BBC hit comedy “Big School”. Outside of the editing suite Gary is free to let loose his creative indulgences – making fan films for the hit YouTube channel “Sneaky Zebra”. As a huge Star Wars fan, Gary and the Sneaky Zebra crew devised a cast of original characters for Echoes Of Darkness, a collaborative fan film set in the Star Wars world.

One of Gary’s biggest challenges on Echoes was shooting several scenes in a remote woodland… at night! .“That’s why the Geminis really saved the day for us on this project,” he says.

Brighter soft light for flexible creativity

Over 1,000 lux at 10ft/3m (Daylight) with a 93° beam angle

Control and modify light with more flexibility than ever before. Gemini 2×1 Soft RGBWW panels produce over 1,000 lux of beautifully soft light at 10ft/3m, allowing you to meet your vision without compromising on output. Gemini’s output means you can use higher framerates to capture incredible slow-motion scenes or choose from an extensive range of light modifiers and accessories to show your talent in their best light.

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