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G3 Color-LR from Fiilex

Dec 1, 2023

The G3 Color-LR is a cinema-grade 90W full-colour ellipsoidal with razor-sharp cuts and a unique 360 degree rotating barrel. The beam produced from either the 19° or 36° tube lens is uniformly and bright without any colour splitting. At the core of the G3 is the latest generation of Fiilex’s patented Dense Matrix LED that adheres to the highest standards of dimming and colour calibration. The G3 ellipsoidal gives users full control and can be rigged and hidden anywhere on production sets.


• High-CRI white light output (2000-10000K)
• 8 and 16-bit colour modes: CCTRGBW, CCTHSI, CIExy, etc. • IP-X5 Rating (water resistant)
• Easy PSU / battery mounting on yoke
• Razor-sharp cuts and rotating barrel
• Wireless control via integrated LumenRadio
• Hardline DMX via XLR-5 adapter
• Smooth and Sharp dimming modes
• DMX-controllable fan modes: Full, Auto, Silent, Off • Compact and easy to hide


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