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Fujifilm develops broadcast PL Mount zoom lens

Sep 8, 2023

A portable lens joins the Duvo series, which produces cinematic looks with beautiful bokeh and the ease of broadcast lens operation.

Fujifilm Corporation (president and CEO, representative director: Teiichi Goto) has developed the portable-type broadcast zoom lens – Fujinon Duvo24-300mm, the second lens model in the Duvo series, which produces the highly desirable cinematic look with beautiful bokeh and broadcast lens operation.

Duvo24-300 is a dual format lens, supporting two types of large image sensors. It produces cinematic visual expressions featuring shallow depth-of-field and beautiful bokeh.

The new addition of a compact and lightweight portable lens to the Duvo Lineup will produce high mobility in live coverage of sporting events, music concerts, documentary, and wildlife cinematography.

The Fujinon Duvo24-300mm is due to be released in the spring of 2024.

Today, in the broadcast industry, cameras equipped with a large image sensor are increasingly used, amidst the growing needs for immersive cinematic expressions involving the use of shallow depth of field, bokeh and high dynamic range. Currently cinema lenses are commonly used for those applications, however, they are optimised for shooting scripted production, and therefore have a smaller zoom magnification ratio than that of broadcast lenses. They also often require a specialist in focus operations, which is uncommon in the broadcast industry. 

The new Fujinon Duvo24-300mm is the first portable-type broadcast zoom lens in the Duvo series. Delivering 12.5x zoom covering 24-300mm, a focal range that is frequently used on set, it achieves compact size and is lightweight at 270.5mm in length and 2.95kg in weight. Its compact and lightweight design will produce high mobility in all types of live production including sporting events and music concerts. Also, the lens can be operated in the same style as a broadcast lens using zoom and focus demands, additionally it can also be used with a variety of accessories.

Since it’s a portable-type lens, the new lens can be utilised for not only shoulder-mounted operation, but also using a steadicam or high-angle shooting using a crane.

Fujifilm plans to showcase Fujinon Duvo-300mm and the third Duvo, Duvo Wide a wide zoom lens covering the focal length of 14-100mm, at the IBC2023, international broadcast equipment show to be held in Amsterdam, Netherlands from September 15 to 18, 2023.

Fujifilm will leverage its advanced optical technology, nurtured over many decades, to develop and supply high-performance broadcast lenses, cinema camera lenses and accessories, addressing the evolving needs of frontline video professionals.


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