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Former IMAGO president Tibor Vagyóczky HSC passes away

Oct 11, 2022

Former IMAGO president Tibor Vagyóczky HSC has sadly passed away on October 3, 2022, at the age of ninety-one.

The Hungarian cinematographer, director, associate professor, was the winner of the Béla Balázs Prize Award and of the László Kovács-Vilmos Zsigmond Lifetime Achievement Award. Born on 6 September 1931 in Budapest, son of János Vagyóczky and Veronika Koszorús.

He was a student of cinematography at the Academy of Theatre and Film Arts Budapest between 1951 and 1955, where he met Vilmos Zsigmond and László Kovács. He was director-cinematographer at Movi from 1987 to 1990. he was President of IMAGO (then the European Association of Cinematographers) from 2001 to 2003.

For thirty-five years he was a leading teacher at the Academy of Theatre and Film Arts Budapest and taught at the Communications Department at the Szent István University. Under his guidance, the Handbook for Film and Television Makers, one of the most influential Hungarian film textbooks, was published in several editions.

In 2008, he was awarded the Hungarian Order of Merit and in 2020 he received the IMAGO International Tribute Award at the gala of the 3rd László Kovács-Vilmos Zsigmond Cinematography Awards. Throughout his career, he has made outstanding cinematographic contributions to films such as Nehéz emberek, Esős vasárnap, Ezek a fiatalok, Nem szoktam hazudni and Fiúk a térről, among others. In addition, he has made over a hundred short films and documentaries.

Former IMAGO president Nigel Walters who knew him well has written a few words, seconded by Luciano Tovoli:

”Tibor was the sweetest of men.

As one of your previous presidents, one of my most pleasurable experiences was presenting him with the Imago Award for his services to the Federation. The pleasure was to witness the pleasure for him from his Hungarian colleagues. As an ex-president of the HSC he was much loved and to receive the Award in the later part of his life was to him such a joyous occasion, especially to be at a surprise reception with his friends.

The cleverest move on a visit to Budapest was to avoid being driven by Tibor in his little car. His eccentricity extended to the opening of the Budapest IAGA when he appeared with his family early in the day, wished the assembly a productive time and left to go shopping!”

Nigel Walters BSC former IMAGO president

”What a concise and moving sketch Nigel has drawn of Tibor Vagyoczky HSC and IMAGO past president with whom we spent interesting and pleasurable times fully “captured” by the IMAGO spreading future!”

Luciano Tovoli AIC ASC IMAGO founder & former president

We extend our sincere condolences to his family, friends, and the Hungarian Society of Cinematographers.

Mustapha Barat ABC

Adriana Bernal ADFC
Bojana Andric SAS
Co Vice-Presidents

Alex Linden FSF
General Secretary

IMAGO Board Members



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