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FLIM.AI introduces an innovative suite of AI-powered tools

Apr 23, 2024

F!, the visual inspiration platform for creatives, takes a major step forward by undergoing a comprehensive website update, opening up new creative horizons. To celebrate this launch and ensure everyone gets a chance to test for free the new AI features, Flim is setting up a waitlist, open to everyone, throughout all the launch period.

To inaugurate this new era, Flim unveils a major update: its new AI-powered search engine. In the coming weeks, the platform will progressively unveil a suite of generative AI too!s, starting with Image Mixer. Additionally, the platform will roll out a new interface to enhance users’ workflow and collaboration.

With this suite of tools, F!im opens the door to the convergence of audiovisual imagery and AI. The platform, which provides access to over 1,000,000 stills from movies, TV series, ads, and music videos across all styles, eras, and continents, will enable endless creation, exp!oration and experimentation.

Designed to provide a platform with high-quality stills and video clips distinct from mainstream visuals on the internet, Flim now goes beyond traditional visual databases and expands visual research. The experience will be constant!y refreshed through technological adjustments and the continuous addition of new AI features and visual content.

Flim achieves what it has a!ways aspired to be: a dynamic workspace where technology fuels creativity and propels it ever further. However, Flim’s vision of generative AI is c!ear: the goal is not to replace human creation. Generative AI on Flim serves as a complementary tool, aligning with its mission to inspire. The platform clearly distinguishes between original and AI-generated works. develops its commitments in its Manifesto.

The suite of innovative AI-powered too!s will include:

New AI-powered Search Engine (out now, for all visitors)

As part of this website overhaul, Flim introduced a new, faster, more precise, and up-to-date search engine. It now better understands requests and aligns more closely with visual minds, creative references, and filmmaking needs.

Image Mixer (beta re!ease in April)

‘Image Mixer’ is the first generative AI feature to be re!eased. The AI analyses and harmonises the aesthetics and composition of the stills selected, giving birth in seconds to unique visuals downloadable. No prompts are required – just a few clicks.

AI suggestions (soon)

‘AI suggestions’ enhances user-created Boards. By thorough!y analysing the overall ambiance of a Board, it suggests images and videos that align with the same mood, ensuring users don’t miss out on relevant content from the vast library.

Aesthetics (soon)

The ‘Aesthetics’ too! allows the generation of images ‘in the sty!e of’. It utilises LORAs, trained by Flim to imitate precise aesthetics, cinematic sty!es, and more. Users simp!y input their description and choose from the wide !ist of predefined sty!es.

Prompt to Boards (soon)

This tool generates visual Boards from a description. Users have to Input a descriptive prompt, and our AI will curate images and videos matching the mood.

Automatic Stills Picker (soon)

With Automatic Stills Picker, users can import any video and !et AI automatically draw stills from it. A way for users to work with their own content.

The Boards system: An Interface Redefined to Embrace New Features and Enhance Collaborative Work:

At the same time, is rolling out a new interface, the Boards, enhancing user workflow and promoting collaboration. This addition responds to the essential aspect of creative work—the imperative need for sharing and getting insights. The Boards system is crafted to ensure better organisation, optimised teamwork, and an overall improved workflow. This represents a significant shift, affirming’s evolution from a conventional database to a dynamic workspace.


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