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Firmware update for all Zeiss eXtended Data lenses

Jun 6, 2024

With new firmware FW1.90, all Zeiss Supreme Prime, Supreme Prime Radiance and CP.3 XD lenses can now automatically transfer information about lens scales and depth of field to ARRI Hi-5 and WCU-4 hand units when using ARRI cameras and the ARRI LCS. This eliminates the need for camera assistants to manually calibrate their lenses, saving valuable time and effort on set.

The update can be easily performed using the Zeiss Connection Kit eXtended Data, which can be purchased from Zeiss cine dealers with no need to send the lenses to Zeiss service.

Key Features of the new Firmware FW1.90

•No more calibration needed – scales automatically transferred to your hand unit
•Including visualisation for depth of field

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