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Filmsticks expands filmmaking accessories range with professional T-Marker kits

Jan 26, 2022

Specialist UK-based filmmaking brand and manufacturer, Filmsticks, continues to support film/cine/video professionals as it announces the expansion of its popular accessory range with new Filmsticks T-Marker Kits for easily marking talent and camera positions on any shoot.

Available in 7-piece kits, comprising of Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Black and White, Filmsticks T-Markers offer working professionals a reusable, waterproof, flexible marker solution in multiple colours and exceptional value for money.

Known for producing the world’s first professional all-weather/waterproof clapper sticks, Filmsticks has spent much of the past 12 months producing and delivering specialised accessory products for the motion picture industry. Adding to this impressive range, Filmsticks’ T-Marker Kits break the mould once more with industry-leading ecological credentials.

Produced with TPR/TPE Thermoplastic Rubber, Filmsticks’ T-Markers offer all the high elasticity, ageing and oil resistance characteristics and excellent properties of traditional vulcanized rubber and ordinary plastics, whilst being entirely non-toxic and fully recyclable.

  • Dimensions (per T-Marker): L 20cm (7.9 in.) x W 13cm (5.1 in) x H 0.3cm (0.1in) per T-Marker
  • Net Weight (per T-Marker): 31g (1.1 oz.)
  • Total Net Weight: 217g (7.6 oz.) per pack of 7 T-Markers

Pippa Follows, managing director, Filmsticks, said: “As we continue to respond to our customer’s feedback and requests with new accessories, we are consciously sourcing materials that are environmentally friendly and responsible for making a difference in our sector. We hope that the new T-Marker Kits demonstrate this company stance, whilst offering quality, durability and great value to our growing customer base.” 

Pricing and availability

Filmsticks 7x T-Marker Kits are available for pre-order directly from and from the growing Filmsticks global reseller network for £22.30 (including VAT) and $29.99 in the US. 

Delivery is expected in February 2022.

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