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Fiilex’s P3 Color LED now available in UK with Q10 Color Fresnel coming in 2022

Nov 26, 2021

Fiilex, manufacturer of high-end LED lighting for the film and television industries, has officially launched its P3 Color into the UK market.

The P3 Color is a portable 90W LED fixture that packs a ton of features into its compact one kilo frame. The P3’s white light output ranges from 2000 – 10000K with excellent CRI, and its various colour control modes allow users to access the full range of vibrant RGB illumination. At the core of the P3 is Fiilex’s patented Dense Matrix LED, which is an extremely small light source capable of producing crisp shadows and clean barndoor cuts. Accessory attachments can diffuse or focus the P3’s output. No other portable LED fixture can match the P3’s combination of power, size, and versatility.

The 900W Q10 Color sits at the opposite end of the Fiilex Color Series lineup. This high-performance luminaire is on track to be the most powerful full-color LED Fresnel available when it launches next year. Besides its extremely bright output, other notable features of the Q10 include an extremely wide spot/flood range and built-in LumenRadio for wireless DMX control.

The P3 Color is available for purchase from Cirro Lite LTD., and the Q10 Color is expected to be available in Q2 of 2022. For more information visit the Cirro Lite web page.


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