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Fiilex launches Q10 – 900W full-colour water resistant fresnel

Jan 26, 2022

Fiilex Lighting is launching the Q10 Color, the latest innovation in LED lighting for the motion picture and broadcast TV industries.

The Q10 Color is a powerful 900W Color LED Fresnel that floods and spots from 70 to 11 degrees. Like all the other Fiilex colour Fresnels, this offers more than 50 different operating modes, including the Tunable CCT (2000K to 10000K) and RGBW modes to the more advanced Gels and Effects modes, for users to choose. The Q10 Color weighs less than 50 lbs, has an integrated Lumen Radio wireless DMX, is IP-X5 rated, and can be powered by 100-240 VAC (the fixture has an internal PSU) or 48VDC. 

At the core of the Q10 Color is an innovative LED cluster with over 400 high brightness LED chips of various types and is assembled at a stunning 90% packing density.  This light is designed with many custom optical elements, including a half sphere glass, a patterned cone reflector, and a 10” Fresnel lens, all precisely integrated to transmit a very smooth and well mixed beam. 

On top of an exceptional LED engine, the Q10 Color comes with a phenomenal color science which delivers high quality white and colour lights. Premium electronics and Fiilex proprietary calibration scheme allows each individual unit to perform consistently and dim smoothly.

As the only manufacturer to release a LED colour fresnel with the above features, Fiilex Q10 Color won the 2021 GineGear Lighting Technology award, a very prestigious industry recognition. 

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