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FC Series from Nanlite announced

Sep 11, 2023

With excellent traits of Nanlite engrained in its DNA, FC series tap into new potentials for content creators, photographers and filmmakers to unleash their unlimited creativity. Partnering with the lights in the creation will become a new trend in the industry. FC series adapts new concept for exterior design while still infusing Nanlite DNA.

The exclusive Nanlite blue decorative frame, coupled with the powerful wing-shaped top housing that resembles a soaring eagle, symbolises that in the world of creation, the sky is the only limit for FC series. The rated power of FC-300B/500B are 350W and 520W respectively, sufficient power bring them high output with 37340 lux@1m (FC-300B w/reflector, 5600K) and 65640 lux@1m (FC-500B w/reflector, 5600K), professional-grade emitter provides a high-quality and even beam spread. The surface of COB is equipped with glass protection to ensure professional performance.

FC-300B/500B have a wide colour temperature range of 2700K-6500K, with two output modes built in. The Maximum Output Mode ensures to output the maximum brightness for the chosen colour temperature, fully releasing the performance of the light. The Constant Output Mode guarantees consistent brightness across the entire CCT range. Based on various tests including color rendering, fidelity and saturation, the color reproduction ability of FC- 300B/500B have been comprehensively evaluated and optimised. With CRI/TLCI ratings average 96 and 98 respectively, the lights can offer true-to-life color rendition with quite accuracy. FC-300B/500B provide a straightforward dimming method and highlight user friendliness.

In addition, the FC-500B supports precise on-board dimming in 0.1% decrements. With a simple UI of a 2.0 inch screen
with two knobs and two buttons, operations on the lights are also rather intuitive. The power supply is built with a safety strap and quick release plate, for easy rigging and installing on light stands with the quick release clamp (optional purchase). Combined with the lightweight and compact power supply, a concise and efficient workflow is maintained by the powerful FC-300B/500B. FC-300B/500B have built-in 2.4G and Bluetooth modules that support Nanlink APP control.

Moreover, the availability of wired DMX/RDM connection control, enables the FC-300B/500B to meet the needs of TV
commercial and professional grade shooting teams for complex and accurate group control lighting.

Coming with the standard Bowens mount, FC-300B/500B are fully compatible with Nanlite’s Bowens mount
accessory ecosystem. The lights are also equipped with an umbrella hole for mounting diffuse umbrella and
reflective umbrella for creating richer lighting effects and providing ideal lighting solution for more scenes. FC-300B/500B have 12 built-in special effects that help bring to life the scenarios in the mind of creators. The parameters of each effect are fully tunable through on-board control, and more customisation can be obtained through the Nanlink APP. An adjustable fan control system has been incorporated in FC-300B/500B with four fan modes: Smart, Full Speed, Low Speed and Off. In Smart mode, the average noise level only stands at 23/27dBA, showing excellent noise control ability, will bring more recording friendly experience for studio shooting scenarios such as interview and live broadcast. Equipped with a USB port, FC-300B/500B support firmware update via USB stick, continuously optimise the operating experience, and unlock new possibilities in the future.

When talking about this new launch, Nanlite managing director Nancy says, “Forza series have been on the market for quite some time, we just want to bring something novel this time, that’s the concept behind FC series, but the build quality and good features are still there. We hope that creators like the change.”


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