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Evoke 900C high power spotlight from Nanlux

Apr 11, 2023

Reaching new heights in colour rendition with Nanlux Evoke 900C — a high power spotlight equipped with RGBLAC colour mixing system that offers full colour tunability. Nanlux attains a new height technically this time with the official release of Evoke 900C, fully living up to the expectations in the industry for a high power full colour hard light source.

The light has been brought to the market by consistently communicating with creators and listening to feedback from professionals. The Evoke 900C boasts a staggering 12,940 lux@3m (at 5600K, with 45° reflector) of illumination at a rated
output of 940W. The fixture delivers high-quality even beam at the same time, swift conversion of soft and hard light can also be easily realized on it via attaching different modifiers. The fixture adopts the advanced RGBLAC six colour mixing system — adding Lime, Amber and Cyan on base of the primary colours RGB, achieving high colour accuracy with CRI/TLCI both rated at 96. It allows for more colour options and rendering natural sunlight for the whole time of day, whilst still offering excellent light

Evoke 900C features G/M±200 tunability, allowing for not only precise G/M adjustment, but also accurate matching with any other light sources on the market. Stylized creation with more subtle film tones is a breeze. The light provides great ease in operation with all parameters and shifts visible on display with a upgraded 3.5 inch full-color screen, 4-buttons and 3-knobs UI design makes tuning rather simple and straightforward. Furthermore, a wired control port is reserved for convenient control when rigged high above. When comes to control, the light provides more comprehensive wired and wireless control methods to offer
more flexibility for creators based upon the actual lighting scenarios, including DMX/RDM, Art-Net/sACN, LumenRadio CRMX and Nanlink App

Apart from CCT mode, Evoke 900C incorporates more colour modes — Advanced HSI mode, RGBW mode, XY coordinates and GEL mode. Another DMX mode — RGB (No Dimmer) has been developed exclusively for virtual production under DMX/RDM control, opening more channels for colour calibration to further expand the expression space of lighting. All colour modes are accessible in all control methods. The fixture also builds in 15 special effects to simulate lighting effects in real situations with all parameters adjustable via On-board control, Nanlink App and DMX/RDM controls for infinite creative freedom. More
wild ideas can be brought to life with more customization.

Evoke 900C builds in Ethernet control upon Art-Net/sACN protocol for the first time, facilitating the integration into UE lighting system. Lighting can respond to virtual environment changes in real time, enhancing image presentation in great detail. The light retains the features of Evoke family for outstanding weatherproof performance as well — IP55 rated for both the fixture and the power supply. Capable of withstanding extremely inclement weather conditions,

it’s a trustworthy weapon for making astonishing images. The power supply comes with a quick-release device and can be securely mounted on light stand or truss by the included quick release clamp (included). 7.5M DC connection cable comes standard, with 10M and 12M connection cables as optional, and 15-degree offset design for yoke to further expand tilt adjustment
range. Evoke 900C adopts a new generation of adjustable fan control system with four modes: Smart, High Full Speed, Low Speed and Off effortlessly meeting various shooting and recording demands. Noise level is at 25dBA under Smart mode. The light continues with NL mount for seamless integration into NL mount ecosystem, covering all light shaping needs with assorted combinations. Evoke series light fixtures are also compatible with other professional accessories, including DoPchoice. The fixture comes with USB port, supporting firmware update via USB drive. It’s always on the way of optimising user experience to unlock infinite possibilities.

Nanlux managing director Nancy comments on the launch, “We’ll never stop innovating in LED technology, Evoke 900C is just another small milestone on our journey to establish a brand respected by the world. I believe that it’s a new starting point for a more prosperous future.”

Evoke 900C Key Features:

• Full color LED spotlight equipped with RGBLAC six colour mixing system
• Staggering luminance of 40,300 lux at 3m (at 5600K, with reflector), with a rated output of 940W
• Ultra-wide CCT range of 1,800K-20,000K with G/M±200 adjustment • Excellent colour rendition with both CRI/TLCI rated at 96, TM-30 Rf Avg.94, TM-30 Rg Avg.100, SSI (5600K) :73, SSI (3200K): 81
• Intuitive operation with 3.5 inch full-color screen, 4-buttons and 3-knobs UI design
• Comprehensive wired and wireless control methods: On-board, DMX/RDM, Art-Net/sACN, LumenRadio CRMX and Nanlink App
• More color modes: Advanced HSI Mode, RGBW Mode, XY Coordinates and GEL Mode
• Ethernet control upon Art-Net/sACN protocol to seamlessly integrate into UE lighting system
• Sturdy build quality with both fixture and power supply IP55 rated
• Quick release clamp and 7.5M DC connection cable come standard, with 10M/12M cables as optional • New generation of adjustable fan control system with 4 modes: Smart, Full Speed, Low Speed and Off.
• NL mount for seamless integration into NL mount ecosystem
• Support firmware update via USB port on the fixture

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