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Euro Cine Expo sells out

Jun 18, 2024

Euro Cine Expo, the premier event for film and TV production in mainland Europe, has officially sold out its floor space for the upcoming exhibition at the Motorworld in Munich from June 27th-29th.

Exhibition director Rob Saunders comments:

More than 100 exhibitors will participate in ECE2024. Now in our third year, continued exhibitor enthusiasm reflects Euro Cine Expos importance to the film and TV production industry. We are excited to showcase the latest innovations and developments from companies including LCA, GFM, Cineo, Panther, Teltec, Aputure, Sony, Xinegear, and many more.”

Euro Cine Expo is not just an exhibition; its an interactive experience. Attendees can look forward to hands-on workshops, including a FREE Steadicam Experience, the unique I of the Lens exhibition, showcasing both the external and internal expression of a cinematographer, and a groundbreaking 2-day symposium running alongside the expo.

With over 35 sessions spread across two days in three theatres, attendees will have a unique opportunity to learn from industry giants who will share their insights and experiences throughout the symposium, including exclusive sessions with leading DPs and Gaffers.

For more information and the full lineup of sessions, visit Euro Cine Expo Seminars 2024.

Register for free entry at Euro Cine Expo Registration.

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