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Erik Alexander Wilson BSC on the making of Landscapers

May 11, 2023

Erik Alexander Wilson BSC reflects on the distinct looks crafted for each episode of the limited series.

The four-episode HBO Max limited series Landscapers focuses on an ordinary couple, played by Olivia Colman and David Thewlis, who become entangled in an extraordinary murder investigation. The project reteamed director Will Sharpe with cinematographer Erik Alexander Wilson BSC, who worked with Panavision Manchester for their camera and lens package. Through his preproduction testing, Wilson opted to shoot on Sony Venice cameras with a wide range of optics, including JDC Cooke Xtal Xpres and Panavision B Series, C Series, E Series and Primo 70 lenses. In this exclusive video, Wilson discusses the creative approach to the project and the importance of his collaboration with Panavision.

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