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Construction of European Film Center Cameraimage (EDCF) moves closer

Jul 20, 2022

Soon we will get to know the final architectural design of the European Film Center Cameraimage. By the end of January 2023, architects from the Austrian office of Baumschalger Eberle Lustenau will present the final project for the seat of the institution, which has a chance to become an important centre of the film industry in Central and Eastern Europe.

The ECFC facility will include, among others: a main hall for 1500 people (1), a film studio (2), exhibition space (3), Museum of Audiovisual Art. (4), a Cinema House (3 screening rooms) (5) and a Film Education Center (6). The work on the ECFC Film Studio project has practically been completed – in the studio, apart from a shooting hall, there will also be space and equipment for editing, post-production, special effects production, as well as sound recording studios where film soundtracks will be created. The work on the rest of the building’s design is also getting more and more advanced. Architects choose specific construction, technical and material solutions, working closely with the future users of the facility – the organisers of the EnergaCameraimage Festival led by Marek Żydowicz, the initiator of the event and the creator of the ECFC idea.

During the 30 year history of the event, the creators of the EnergaCameraimage Festival have repeatedly proved that they have the ability to cooperate with the most important people in the film industry. Artists are captivated by the unique atmosphere of the event and the energy that radiates from its participants. Masters of cinema return to EnergaCameraimage not only as its guests, but also to work on their film projects, as it was in the case of, among others, David Lynch’s film Inland Empire or the documentary Side By Side directed by Keanu Reeves.

It seems only a matter of time before a film created by a world-class filmmaker is made in Toruń thanks to the construction of the ECFC. Access to the latest technologies and production solutions will also stimulate the Polish film community, creating comfortable conditions for creative activity. According to the schedule, construction works related to the investment should start in the first half of next year. The opening of the European Film Center is planned for the beginning of 2026. See you at ECFC!

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