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Easyrig introduces new STABIL Light

Dec 7, 2021

After the successful release of the original STABIL, Easyrig noticed an increasing demand for a similar solution for the Minimax system. Easyrig is now proud to present the latest addition to the Easyrig lineup; the STABIL Light.

Easyrig has worked on the STABIL Light for a very long time in order to ensure that it is up to their high standards when it comes to quality control.

Easyrig has introduced a new and improved Minimax spring that is made to work more efficiently with the STABIL Light. It is smoother, more reliable and as usual this complex spring is made by Lesjöfors in Sweden. This new spring is standard for all Minimax models.

The STABIL Light was developed to support gimbals between 2-7kg (4.4-15.4 lbs). It will help stabilize hand held shots to a certain degree while protecting your back.  This enables you to operate the gimbal and camera for much longer periods of time.

The design is based on the original STABIL and has the ability to lock the arm so it functions as a standard Minimax. Easyrig has also made it more light weight so the user can stay agile.

To upgrade you need to purchase the STABIL Light together with Easyrig’s new Minimax Power Pack. It includes a spring that synergizes better with the STABIL Light. The new power pack is now standard for all versions of the Minimax.

The STABIL Light is design and trademark protected.

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