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Dynamic releases its first product solution – the Dynamic Bridge Adapter for ALexa Mini LF

Oct 5, 2021

Dynamic, a sub-rental solutions company, has just announced the launch of the DBA-1 (Dynamic Bridge Adapter) for Mini LF camera kits. While the majority of their services are rooted in sub-rental and long-term rental, Dynamic is excited to launch its first-ever product solution. This new product was designed and manufactured in response to direct feedback from the company’s global client base.

Camera rental houses reported major difficulties in adopting the ARRI Alexa Mini LF Ready-to-Shoot Kit into their established ecosystem of equipment. After drawing up models, 3D printing several prototypes, and making sure that this accessory would conform to industry standards, Dynamic’s technical team landed on a design.

The ARRI Alexa Mini LF Ready-to-Shoot Kit does not natively support the use of a stand-alone bridge plate. The process to adapt a ARRI Alexa Mini LF for use with a BP-8 or BP-9 costs production precious time and requires the addition of MAP-2A and BPA-4 plates, which are not included in the Ready-To-Shoot Kit. One MAP-2A plate is included for the top of the camera only. This reconfiguration often requires the disassembly and reassembly of the ARRI cage.

Dynamic’s senior technician and head of product design, Zachary Hunter was formerly a first AC for years before joining the company in 2017. Hunter explains, “When the Mini LF was released as a bundle with various support accessories, the community had to integrate and adopt the new standards imposed by these accessories.”

Zachary Hunter

Dynamic’s DBA-1 helps productions save time when it’s used on set. Hunter elaborates, “We were scrambling to find a way to unify our kits so that they could be easily used in any configuration the client needs without investing in extra knick-knacks. I wanted something that was simple. Something that reduced the number of parts needed and required no assembly in the middle of shooting. I wanted something that was ready to go out of the box.”

Conversions from the CBP-1 or 2 with the DBA-1 are as simple as sliding free from the CBP and sliding onto the DBA-1. No reconfiguration is necessary. This allows for a dynamic and flexible support system when alternating between handheld, specialty rigs, and other mounting solutions. Dynamic’s DBA-1 also gives the user 3.5″ of the additional slide, making balancing the camera even easier and perfect for gimbal or Steadicam work, which can be more challenging with other compatible plates.

Dynamic’s new DBA-1 is now included in all Mini LF sub-rental kit orders globally. Reach out to for more information.

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