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Dynamic opens new office in Leipzig, Germany

Jul 5, 2021

Dynamic has announced the launch of a new European location. “After months of planning we are pleased to say our new office in Leipzig, Germany will be operational from June 2021,” said chief executive officer, Austin Rios. “What started as a search for a ‘Brexit Solution’ blossomed into a fully-fledged Dynamic staffed office.”

With this new office in Leipzig, Dynamic further commits itself to a focus on the client experience in sub-rental. “Our recent growth allows us representation in five different countries. With three physical branches globally, Dynamic is humbled to increase our worldwide presence,” explains Chief Sales Officer, Tom Jay Smith. “Still, Dynamic’s Ashford office will continue serving clients in the United Kingdom and beyond. Without a doubt, this new path forward will allow us to become even faster and better at what we already do for Europe. We explored many options, but ultimately decided the only way to ensure we continue to deliver well-serviced kit is to control the process entirely ourselves,” explained Smith.

This launch will see Dynamic’s global footprint further increase, now adding Leipzig to the already impressive list including Burbank, Atlanta, New York, Seattle, Chicago, Copenhagen, Ashford, and Auckland. Dynamic’s Leipzig office building, offering technical, logistical, and professional workspaces, has more of an open and collaborative layout than other Dynamic offices. Located in the economic heart of Saxony, their new facility fits right into the same neighborhood as other cinema players.

The new facility sees Christian Pedersen, Dynamic’s director of sales, Europe, take on more operational leadership responsibility. “Having joined Dynamic twelve months ago, Christian has made a huge impact on our business in Europe. With his vast rental experience within the German market and the proximity to major manufacturers, Germany was always the frontrunner as our ideal location.” Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Brandon Zachary also explained the logistical benefits of the new location. “Dynamic ships equipment all over the world every day and a huge portion of these shipments are transatlantic. Leipzig is the main DHL hub in Europe and we anticipate saving 24 hours on shipments allowing us to serve our clients more efficiently.”

Pedersen elaborates, “With Leipzig opening, we are trailblazing a path of efficiency for the future of sub-rental in Europe. Our team’s diverse backgrounds allow us to cross-train and develop razor-sharp knowledge, together. We focus on the client experience while encouraging our new teammates to draw from their backgrounds in supply-chain management for preparation of kit completion, well into the future.”

Like all other Dynamic locations, Dynamic’s office in Germany will be stocking ARRI, Sony, Codex, Fujinon, Chrosziel, Cooke, Zeiss, Leitz, Red, Canon, and Angenieux, among other brands for sub-rental and leasing.

Dynamic’s new office is operational as of June 2021. Reach out to for more information.


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