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Dynamic invests in Venice 2

Nov 16, 2021

Dynamic Rentals has announced a large order of Sony’s new flagship digital cinema camera ‘Venice 2’ on the day of its launch.

“The Sony Venice has been a major part of Dynamic’s history. With over 100 Venice in our inventory it was natural to back the new model.” said chief sales officer, Tom Jay Smith. “We anticipate a large demand, so we placed an order for 50 units to ensure we can meet the needs of our global customer base.”

The $4m+ order confirms Dynamic’s continued support to the global rental community. The camera comes with a new 8.6K Full-Frame Image Sensor and is due to ship in Q1 of 2022. “It’s imperative we act strongly to give our customers confidence. Our model allows our customers to invest their capital in higher yielding and longer lasting products, yet still have access to the cameras they need. ” said Austin Rios, CEO. “We have seen tremendous success with Venice and MINI LF, but with today’s announcement, Red’s Raptor, Raptor XL & the forthcoming Arri ‘4K S35,’ the camera market is going to be even more saturated for rental houses over the next few years. Our customers know they can rely on Dynamic to support them.”

Dynamic Rentals, is in the unique position of being the only rental house globally who exclusively rents to other rental houses. Investing in their first Venice only two years ago they now have over 100 Venice cameras out on rental in five continents, over 20 countries and 30 markets spanning the globe. “We expect the ‘Original Venice 6K’ to continue its market dominance and see the 8K being adopted for large and VFX centric productions” commented founder & chief operating officer, Brandon Zachary.

Specialising in Cameras, Lenses, Media & Wireless, Dynamic has various rental options and programmes to suit the needs of their customers. The very popular ‘Long Term Rental’ (LTR) is an attractive alternative to traditional leasing and finance, giving the customer the flexibility they need in an ever changing market.

Dynamic’s ‘Venice 2 8K LTR’ pre-order list is now open.


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