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Dynamic bets big on ARRI with Alexa 35 order

Jun 2, 2022

Dynamic Rentals is announcing their largest camera pre-order to date. With the official release of the ARRI Alexa 35 today, the sub-rental company announced they will commit to 100 units of the new ARRI camera. 

“We are excited to finally announce our Alexa 35 order” said chief sales officer, Tom Jay Smith. “With the release of this new Super 35 flagship camera we hope to broaden our customer market and our order size reflects that.” He explains, “Our inventory has been LF/FF focused, supporting the top end of the market. We were never big in the Alexa Mini, in fact that camera is older than Dynamic itself, this new camera is exactly what we’ve been waiting for and exactly what our customers have been waiting for.”

With 70 Venice 2 cameras imminent and an inventory already containing 120 Venice & 120 Mini LF the Alexa 35 order will take Dynamic’s owned inventory to over 400 cameras.

“The order confirms our continued support to the global rental community. With our LTR program we allow customers to invest their capital in higher yielding and longer lasting products, yet still have access to the cameras they need.” said Austin Rios, CEO. “We’ve been waiting for this camera for years and it will fit perfectly into our LTR program.”

“We expect the majority of our customers to invest in Alexa 35 and we want to be able to support them with additional units for their seasonal peaks.” explained founder & COO, Brandon Zachary. “With 17+ stops of dynamic range, 4.6k resolution and a new colour science it’s going to be very popular. Its versatility will likely be attractive to all corners of the market.”

Smith concludes, “The release also means the camera market becomes more saturated than ever before; giving DP’s a broad range of choices. Our investment provides our clients with the comfort they will have access to all the cameras they need at great prices, ultimately allowing them to operate with far less risk and better margins.”

Specialising in Cameras, Lenses, Media & Wireless, Dynamic has various rental options and programs to suit the needs of their customers. The very popular ‘Long Term Rental’ (LTR) is an attractive alternative to traditional leasing and finance, giving the customer the flexibility they need in an ever changing market. 

Dynamic’s ‘Alexa 35’ pre-order list is now open.

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