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DP Evelin Van Rei becomes member of the NSC

Mar 7, 2023

DP Evelin Van Rei has shared the news that she has been invited to join the Netherlands Society of Cinematographers.

Van Rei was the recipient of the Angénieux Special Encouragement award in 2022, allowing her to use Angénieux’s cutting-edge lens technology to film her next project.

She has been interested in cinema since the age of eleven and decided to study at the Cambridge School of Art in England, where she discovered her fascination for the art of images. She is the first self-taught cinematographer to receive the Angénieux endowment, after French-Mexican Pamela Albarrán (2021), Indian Modhura Palit (2019) and Chinese Cécile Zhang (2018).

Her credits include Bad Sisters (3 episodes), Vera, 100 Vaginas and many music videos including artists such as Sam Fender.

Van Rei commented:

“After I was awarded the Angénieux Special Encouragement Award at Festival de Cannes last year, the Dutch became curious as to who this unknown, female Dutch cinematographer was who they had never heard of.⁣”

“I was unknown, as I fled and left my country at 19 to start a new and better life in the UK, and it feels that I’m finding my way back to my roots in Europe, and healing in the process of this.⁣”

“The NSC invited me to talk about my work and ethos at the Netherlands Film Festival last year, and have since been such a warm, and welcoming community. ”

“A special thank you to board members Joris Bulstra NSC, Josje van Erkel NSC, and bureau coordinator Barbara Suters, and my proposers Myrthe Mosterman NSC and Guido van Gennep NSC.⁣”

Cinematography World extends its warmest congratulations!

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