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DoPchoice’s New Snapbag Light Shapers

Dec 15, 2020

DoPchoice has introduced two new Snapbags, created for single tube Helios and Titan lights from Astera. Made to give filmmakers maximum control of their lighting, both include similar softbox benefits including intensified output, adjustable beam spread, simplified pack-up, and an easy track mounting system—all in a lightweight Snapbag.

The Single Tube Snapbags, share identical design characteristics to accommodate the similar fixtures, except that the Titan, at Ø42 x 1035mm | Ø1.6” x H40.7” is nearly double the length of the Helios tube, and so is its Snapbag. Linear in design, they come fully assembled in their own matching black pouches, ready to work. The Astera tubes neatly fit the slim Snapbag configuration and are secured with hook and loop straps. A smart Snapbag window allows the user to access the Astera control panel. 

DoPchoice’s additional new features include a special metallic fabric interior that combines with a fold-over design to intensify lighting, increasing illumination by 80% more than a tube alone. Plus this softbox uniquely can alter the beam’s spread. The user simply adjusts the Snapbag opening via dual hook and loop straps until the light is focused and angled as desired. There’s also the option of going with the Snapbag open face for a harder effect or choosing softer illumination by attaching the included Magic Cloth® diffusion panel.

Also unique to the Helios and Titan Snapbags is an all-new secure and intuitive mounting system. The back of the Snapbag features an airline-style track that mates with the Track Pin. The Track Pin locks in the desired position and tightens for a secure mount. Resembling a spigot, the head of the Track Pin fits standard gobo heads, clamps or other set hardware for easy positioning of the fixture complete with the Snapbag. Also on the back is a window with a hook and loop flap closure. Releasing the flap reveals the Astera control panel display and the tube’s power plug.

Teardown is a fast. Helios and Titan Snapbags each pack up back into their pouches, complete with the Astera fixture in place, ready to light the next location.

Manufactured by DoPchoice and TRP Worldwide, accessories for the Helios and Titan are available through Astera. 

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