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DoPchoice presents first inflatable Snapbag Airglow for LED 1×2 panels

Feb 14, 2024

For popular 1×2 Panels, DoPchoice presents Snapbag Airglow, another light control solution inspired by working gaffers and cinematographers. A Snapbag first, Airglow offers unique inflatable technology to create a simpler answer to booklight-style illumination. Made to produce extremely soft, indirect lighting, it is well suited to work with fixtures such as Creamsource Vortex8 and Vortex8 Soft, ARRI Skypanel X21 and S60 Classic, and most similar sized fixtures.

Once outfitted with the Airglow, an LED panel transforms to offer a bigger, super soft source, without a hard defined shadow. Adding Airglow to a panel simplifies the setup to a single, easily repositioned fixture, which can be oriented horizontally or vertically. Lightweight and quick to set up, it eliminates the need for extra stands, leaving a smaller footprint on busy sets.

Airglow inflates quickly and easily affixes to the front of the LED panel. Installation is as simple as looping the anti-spill cover over the fixture and snapping the buckles closed on the two adjustable straps. Unlike a typical front-facing soft box, Airglow creates a 45° triangular bounce, with the back wall forming the hypotenuse angle to push light out the perpendicular side. The back wall can be swapped from Ultra Bounce to Hard Silver Diffusion for punchier illumination and also bleached and unbleached Muslin. For further light direction, there is also the option of adding the Snapgrid LCD 40°, Quarter, Half or Magic Cloth diffusion to further increase softness.

The inflatable Airglow frame can be filled or deflated while affixed to the light panel or detached. It transports along with air pump in a purpose made DoPchoice bag for easy storage.

See this and more offerings from DoPchoice at BSC Expo, Stand #133 or visit:

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