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DoPchoice offers new light directing solutions premiering at IBC 2022

Sep 8, 2022

DoPchoice is once again ready with new light directing solutions premiering at IBC 2022.

To add extra usefulness to Prolights’ just-introduced ECL Softlinear fixture, there’s a brand new 50-degree Snapgrid that is the perfect accompaniment for this slim light. Sized for optimum fit, when installed it measures 98.5cm x 9cm x 12cm / 38.8in x 3.5in x 4.7in and weighs just 0.36kg / 0.8-lb. The SGPLSLIPW50 slips on in a snap, contouring to the fixture’s profile and affixing with hook-n-loop. The professionally sewn and reinforced corners are made to withstand a busy life on set. Like all DoPchoice Snapgrids, it compactly rolls in and out of its own storage pouch for safe-keeping.

Also for the first time, DoPchoice offers a 40° Snapgrid for Prolights’ EclPanel TWCXL The 40° Snapgrid simply slips on the EclPanel via elastic straps for instant light control. The 1.5kg / 3.3-lb Snapgrid SGPLTWCXL40 measures: 135cm x 94cm x 12cm / 53.1in x 37in x 4.7 inches installed. In addition to the Snapgrid, DoPchoice will soon offer the new Fat Rabbit Frame and 8-ft. Double Hex™ Snapbag for this fixture. 

To see DoPchoice, IBC attendees can visit the Prolights stand 12.H42 or Idea Vision stand 12.F46. Additionally, DoPchoice will be previewing new light modifier concepts for the Astera Hydra in stand 12.G43.

Patented Snapgrids and Snapbags are manufactured by DoPchoice and TRP Worldwide and are available through authorized dealers. For more information on DoPchoice light directing solutions visit

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