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DoPchoice Directs The Light For New Aputure 600D

Dec 11, 2020

DoPchoice has announced its light directing tools now support Aputure Imaging Industries’ new LS600D LED fixture. To complement this daylight-balanced point source, DoPchoice has designed two new Snapbag softboxes to directly fit the light’s Bowens mount, as well as a double bracket which enables a pair of 600D fixtures to accommodate other Snapbags.

The Snapbag Medium SBRRM was designed for seamless mounting to the fixture’s circular Bowens mount. It features all the benefits of a medium Snapbag, including a rectangular design that pops-up instantly in a single piece and attaches quickly directly to the Rabbit-Rounder mounting system.

This Snapbag also offers the benefit of DoPchoice’s exclusive pyramid baffle sewn into the centre, resulting in the interior silver metallic sidewalls reflecting illumination outwards – thereby creating and smooth, even spread.

For additional softening control a removable Magic Cloth diffusion panel is included. To further direct output a choice of 30° or 40° Snapgrids are available to swiftly mount to the Snapbag front via hook and loop attachment.

For those who prefer an octagonal softbox, DoPchoice now makes a Bowens mount version of its popular Octa 5, the SBRRO5, optimised for the Aputure 600D. With a 5ft diameter, this wide softbox offers tool-free, quick set-up and teardown. Octas may be used open, exposing their silver-lining, or with the included front diffusion panel. A 40-degree Snapgrid (sold separately) maybe added if greater directional light is desired.

DoPchoice has also engineered the custom SRADA bracket to mount a pair of either Aputure 600Ds or 300D IIs. Featuring a specially-engineered plate, the two Aputure lights nest in parallel side-by-side configuration with aligned front lenses. Attached to the plate is a DoPchoice Rabbit-Ears mounting system. Set-up is fast and the duo of lights are ready to work with virtually all DoPchoice Snapbags that mount with Rabbit-Ears including: Octa 3’, 5’, and 7’, Snapbag Medium, Snapbag for Rabbit-Rounder™ Medium, as well as 3’ and 5’ Lanterns.

Manufactured by DoPchoice and TRP International, accessories for the Aputure 600D are available through authorized dealers. Watch the videos at: or visit

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