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Discovering a new dimension of ROE Visual at InfoComm 2023

Jun 15, 2023

The ROE Visual team is ready for an exciting few days at InfoComm 2023, unveiling a slew of new products for the Pro-AV integration market. The highly-anticipated show will take place next week, June 14-16th in Orlando, FL. New products will include the Coral series and ArtMorph from the ROE-powered brand, CecoCeco.

Bringing together professionals from within the different AV integration verticals, InfoComm is the largest locale for professional audio-visual (Pro-AV) information sharing. This year’s show marks a significant occasion for ROE Visual as they showcase new product lines positioned for this market in addition to standards in their LED creative display arsenal for XR applications. The ROE team and these exciting new technologies can be found at booth #743 on the show floor.

Coral – Fine Pitch COB with Superb Visual

The new chip-on-board (COB) LED display, Coral will have its first premiere at the show. The Coral series provides exceptional viewing angles while delivering a superb visual performance. It serves as the newest display solution for the AV integration space and an exciting new addition to the lineup of ROE Visual products.

ArtMorph – Bring Your Walls to Life with ArtMorph

As a brand powered by ROE Visual, CecoCeco will unveil its new product, ArtMorph which brings stage-quality lighting to your fingertips. ArtMorph is a decorative, panel-based light source, offering an LED-based light source with different covers to adapt your design to each environment. At the intersection of light and art, ArtMorph is the answer for modern and immersive interior design solutions. It is the ideal product for installing wall decorations that are both innovative and eye-catching time and again.

Showcasing Virtual Production Technology

The third highlight of the booth will consist of a full-fledged XR stage to showcase corporate XR applications and beyond. Products demonstrated will be a Black Pearl 2 V2 (BP2V2) wall paired with a Black Marble 2 (BM2) floor. Complete with camera tracking, the setup will provide a sample of virtual production technology used on film sets and broadcast studios globally.

Discover all of the new dimensions of ROE Visual at InfoComm 2023.

Booth #743 | VIP Code: ROE262

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