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Demand for Sony Venice soars as production picks up

Dec 11, 2020

Rental market reflects healthy appetite for Sony’s flagship camera

Rental houses across Europe are seeing their stocks of Sony’s Venice CineAlta camera in high demand, as film and TV production returns to levels not seen since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Whilst the world awaits the release of blockbusters such as Black Widow (DP Gabriel Beristain AMC BSC ASC) and Top Gun: Maverick (DP Claudio Miranda ASC), which used Sony Venice, many other productions have been utilising Sony’s flagship camera system. These include: The Crown (season 4) (DP Adriano Goldman BSC), His Dark Materials (season 2) (David Higgs BSC), the Alex Wheatle episode of Small Axe (DP Shabier Kirchner), I Hate Suzie (DPs Tim Sidell / Luke Bryant), Two Weeks To Live (DP Mattias Nyberg), Little Birds (DP Ed Rutherford BSC) and Bridgerton (DPs Jeffrey Jur / Philipp Blaubach).

Dynamic Rentals, which is in the unique position of being the only rental house globally that exclusively rents to other rental houses, invested in Sony Venice and its first camera technology two years ago. Now it has over 50 Venice cameras out on rental across five continents, over 15 countries and 25 markets spanning the globe.

“The demand is almost parabolic at times”, said Dynamic Rentals owner Brandon Zachary. “In an overly saturated market, it’s rare to find something that everyone loves. In a context where rental houses are not only dealing with the financial impact of Covid, but also the Super35 versus full-frame conundrum, it’s harder than ever to decide where to invest.

“The ability to switch between S35 and FF on the Sony Venice is definitely a plus within this context. We always go to CVP as our first port of call when buying digital cinema cameras and lenses. They know the market well, they realise having stock on the shelf is important and they always go the distance to make the deal work for us. In an uncertain world, Venice is turning out to be a very safe bet for rental and by extension, production companies.”

Sony Venice

Hiroshi Kajita, head of media solutions, Sony Professional/Sony Europe added, “After a real dip in demand across the world over the summer of 2020, it’s a true pleasure to see the content industry, in particular when it comes to drama and feature productions, now recovering with many new projects happening now or planned for the near future.

We’re confident that this upward trend will be reinforced in the coming months. The Venice camera was one of our star performers even before the pandemic, because it is based on DPs and directors’ feedback, and we’ve been building-in new features steadily since its launch, and it’s great to see such continuing high demand for it.”

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