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Jul 15, 2021

For the first time ever, the 2021 Oscars were held at different locations around the world. The main ceremony took place in Los Angeles on 25th April, with hubs in Paris, Sydney and the BFI Southbank in London accommodating international nominees. Feeds from each venue were included in the main broadcast from LA.

Tasked with bringing a unique look for the London setting, Light Electric, a UK-based specialist in creative visual events, set about something different using several crates of Dedolights and enough Dedolight Lightstream and Eflect reflectors to fill the entire ceiling in the main room of the venue.

The result was a combination of laser beams focussed into reflectors in the main room of the event, with dozens of reflectors suspended from the ceiling. The main walk-through corridor was also lit with Dedolights, making use of parallel beam intensifiers and Dedolight Lightstream and Eflect reflectors.

Jason Clare, gaffer at Reflectric, a London-based company specialising in working with reflected light, said, “It was quite a surprise, I was only called a couple of days before the event, and was kind of expected to design the lighting. It was quite chaotic because along with the main forum itself, there was a corridor to light, which had a lot of glass daylight, and we couldn’t really see what we were doing until about nine o’clock on the evening before the event. Although we didn’t have that much time to finish rigging, the event went well and the look we produced certainly created an impression at such a grand event.”

At the 2021 BSC Awards, Dedolight founder and inventor, Dedo Weigert was honoured with the Bert Easey Technical Award for innovative concepts in furthering the art of cinematography.


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