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Dedolight previews latest technology at NAB/Cinegear

Mar 22, 2023

Dedolight will preview its latest technology at NAB/Cinegear.

On show will be the latest technology from Dedolight, including Dedolight NEO the next generation of ballasts, one of which can activate 34 different focusing LED Dedollights, with key features including: smooth dimming from virtually zero to 100%, colour temperature of 2700 – 6600K, power with V-lock or AC power, DMX control and perfect colour reproduction.

NEO Color is an 80w adjustable multi-colour focusing Dedolight with a 6:1 variable beam angle with unparalleled Dedolight optics, and powered by a cutting-edge red, green, blue, amber, cyan, and lime “Hyperlight Color Engine” courtesy of Prolycht.

Also on show will be the Dedolight PB70 2.5K parabolic light – this has over double the output of its predecessor the PB70. For those working with reflected light, and requiring high output, the Dedolight PB70 2.5K represents the pinnacle of what is available in the Dedolight Lightstream system.

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